Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Like : I really like the movie "Orphan" because of the characters. The way they act and the most it is related in our subject psychology. Esther did her best in able to prove that she only 9yr.old girl but the truth is she's 33 already.

Dislike: There's a part in the story that i really don't like, it is when Esther killed her daddy because she have a secret feelings and she wants to seduce him. When Kate discovered her secret, Esther keeps on trying to kill Daniel,max,john even Kate.

Comment: If i could only congratulate them personally i will do. The story is perfect, awesome,so great.. I watched this movie last Saturday and its really amazing. The acting was amazing especially Esther. For a student like me, its really great to discover that kind of a movie to know what is "Multiple disorder"

Relate to psychology: If I am going to relate this movie into Psychology, the disorder really affects the way the people think.. In the movie, Esther has a multiple disorder resulting her to think some unnecessary habits like killing people. In spite of her age, she keep on doing what she believe is right. Her Dwarfism affects her whole life. She cannot get a job because of her physical appearance. She is psychotic person. She cannot think normally.